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Stepping out of the way

The one thing that stayed with me the most is making the listening about the person sharing and stepping out of the way. Encouraging them to share further, keeping aside your ego, personal biases, saviour syndrome and subtle agendas.

It has helped me to facilitate my clients to open up during a coaching session. Moreover, I see a shift in me when recently my Bua was really stressed. I asked her how is she doing ? She started sharing and at one point she started comparing my family with her’s. I saw the shift in me, here when I could keep myself from not getting offended and just let her speak whatever she wanted to, acknowledging that she has it more difficult. I could keep my ego aside with awareness. Instead of making the conversation about a comparison to my family, it stayed intact as her sharing and me listening. She felt better after being heard. I Realised, hearing in itself is healing. Looking forward to hone this beautiful gift we could give to an aching heart or a worried mind.

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