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A single cup of tea

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

"I lost my grandfather last year, thus ending a long and healthy marriage between my

grandparents. The worst affected was my grandmother who found herself without company for the first time in a long time. By nature, my grandmother loves to talk but we never noticed how she had gradually adorned a mournful vow of silence. It was after I received my training that I realized that it wasn't my grandmother who had suddenly quietened down, it was me who lacked the fundamental habit of listening. I brewed tea and offered it to her as we sat together -granddaughter and grandmother. I initiated small talk and her face significantly lit up to notice the conscious devotion of my time to her. One cup of tea extended to two and even an addition of some snacks as she went on and on - unravelling her ancient life to my eager ears. This cathartic exercise transformed into a daily ritual and my grandmother found herself more active and happy. All I had to do was sit, sip tea and listen to the endless stories of our mutual past. If anything, listening has ushered in an entirely new phase in my life. My connection with my family has never been stronger. It feels like an empty space has filled itself and I cannot be more thankful."

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