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 Disclaimer : We DO NOT provide counselling/therapy or any sort of mental health services nor are we a suicide prevention helpline. We are a listening service; we are trained listening volunteers and are here to listen to you. Whatever you wish to talk about will remain confidential between you and Listening Inn. If you are looking for mental health support or counseling or therapy, we’d recommend talking to a professional. Please know that there are numbers on our website that you can always refer to if you think that would help. Please refer to the FAQ section at the end of the page before proceeding.


Once we receive the booking request, we will review it and send you the confirmation mail with the Google Meet link. 


The assigned listener will be available to listen with you. 

We will provide you with a safe, non judgmental and unbiased space to talk about your feelings , ensuring confidentiality & anonymity



"I felt light after the session. I actually felt that somebody is actually there to listen to me without forming judgements and giving me advice. There was a time when I actually started crying and the best part was that the listener didn’t tell me to stop crying but made sure that I expressed myself and let me explore my emotions."


—  Achint Gandhi

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  • Who would be listening to you ?
    The listening service is provided by listening volunteers, who have been extensively trained on how to listen and been selected through a rigorous selection process. This is NOT a mental health service and we DO NOT provide any kind of mental health support. Our listeners are specially trained on how NOT to intervene and give referals if needed. Specific parts of our past trainings have been co-facilitated with several experts and instituitions such as Nimhans, Samartians, highly experienced mental health professionals and global listening experts. If you have any other futher questions please feel free to write to
  • Is this service for me ?
    Our listeners are always there to listen to you, provided you are above 18 years of age. If you you are looking for mental health support, mental health service or talking to a suicide prevention helpline, we recommend referring to the numbers in the helpine section of the website.
  • What happens in the listening session ?
    Our listening volunteers are trained on providing you a space to connect and share whats on your mind. You can also talk to us about your day or past week, or even share your happiness with us, We are here to listen with you. Please remember that this is NOT a counselling or a therapy session nor do we offer any sort of advice.
  • Is there a fee for listening sessions ?
    No we do not charge for the listening sessions, since we believe that every person has the right to feel heard without any judgement or bias.
  • Is the service confidential ?
    Yes, except for in certain situations where our safeguarding policy means we may tell someone. We might collect some demographic data from you for the record, if you are comfortable sharing that, but none of this will be shared with a third party, whatever you share will stay confidential between you and Listening Inn
  • Is this a video or an audio call ?
    After you book the session you will recieve a google meet link a day before your scheduled date and time. No you DO NOT have to turn on your video since we maintain complete confidentiality and anonymity of the listener and the caller. No sessions will ever be recorded.
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