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I'm proud of Myself - Gurbani

I'm proud of myself

Do you say that to yourself often

When you keep your eyes shut to not let mother be tensed

When you keep all the abuse inside and despite wake up and go to work

When you want to shut yourself from everything

But still hope for a better day

When you want to scream your sorrows out to someone

But holds self to listen to else

When you get tired of those extra societal expectations

But still continue to put your learnings before them

When days seem dull and you just want to crawl into bed

Yet you put yourself out and face the world When nobody seems to support

But those online quotes keep you afloat

When you feel like giving up

But still fight Because your dreams are bigger than the moonlight

And all that time All those days Do tell yourself I'm proud of myself .

When was the last time you appreciated yourself,

been proud of your little achievements,

praised yourself for surviving and overcoming the obstacles life has posed in your path?

This poem was created with the idea to be proud of ourselves for coming this far, for having the strength to keep going, fighting through all the odds and still striving for our dreams. Here's to us, being proud of ourselves.

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