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"Subham Karati Kalyanam Arogyam Dhansampadam “ - AAkash Chakraborty

"Subham Karati Kalyanam Arogyam Dhansampadam “

The above lines emphasise on the fact that health is wealth and this shloka dates back to thousands of years pointing to fact that people acknowledged this phrase and its importance even in ancient times. But sadly, the notion for health now has been reduced to physical fitness merely. We have been completely ignoring the fact that the mind is what controls the body and a healthy mind is a prerequisite for a healthy body. The mind is what makes us stand apart from the rest of God’s creations and from the very inception of modern civilization and corporate social life, its health has been considered a myth and people facing mental health issues have been never listened to or have had been called lunatics. Their voices were never heard, their cries turned into silent sobs and society dumped them like some used-up tissue paper. No matter your social status or your contributions, people suffering from mental health issues all have been facing the same plight, greatest example being Alan Turing who went into depression due to his medications and ultimately committed suicide.

Our reluctance to listen to people without judging them and our fear of being judged has led us not listen with an open heart and to speak up what is in your turbulent minds. We humans are like ants, we can’t survive alone and we thrive in a society where true humans live with each other and for each other.

We, the people have the power to create a society where mental health is not a taboo and we can share thoughts without being considered lunatics. In this age of connectivity, we have a thousand friends yet we have no one to open up to. It’s high time we act as sentinel beings and become aware of the fact that we need to care for people. There are thousands of souls waiting to open up before you and speak out what is internally eating you up. We can at least listen to them…hear out their pain and sometimes just make each other believe that we may not be able to resolve their problems but will be with each other until the problem is gone and even after that.

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