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“You never listen to me, “He is not listening “ “ She doesn't listen!” How often do you hear it on  a daily basis  ?
Have you ever told a friend or family member something only to later find that he or she completely misunderstood you—or never heard you at all?. 
We spend 70 to 80 % of the day communicating and research shows that 55% of that is listening. Yet only 2% of us have any listening training whatsoever!

What you will learn




Listening vs Hearing
Listening to yourself
Tools for listening

Identify your  barriers to listening by being more aware and observant  of your listening habits and of those around you 

Develop basic understanding of listening to be able to recognise what listening is and what it's not. 

Get acquainted with the various tools that can come in handy to be there for someone in a more informed manner and help you communicate better in your personal, professional and academic life

I walked out with a set of new skills. Though these skills will need to be consciously rehearsed to become a better listener, I guess that I got a start. The training provided a comfortable space to speak out our thoughts. The consistent check on the well-being of candidates is really commendable. On a side note, I felt that the day 3 of the training was relatively lesser effective. I feel that there should be some more content to discuss.The training provided a whole new perspective to listening. After the training, I realised that where I was making mistakes and how more empathetic could I have been."


- Rishabh Ranjan kesarwani |

  Developer at InMobi

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what people say 

The training organised by the Jas was out of the world ! It  really made me wonder and question my understanding of “listening”. The training was very practical oriented and thus was easy to relate and understand the basic mistake we do which make us a terrible listener. I have had a lot of things to learn and unlearn too ! Will be trying to make a conscious effort to put in use the various tools discussed. Looking forward for the second level of training ! Last but not the least the amazing blend of people of my batch, they were just fantastic !"

- Michele Christian |

  Research Associate at St. John’s Research Institute

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