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When was the last time you listened to nature?

Ever since the industrial and scientific revolution, humans have primarily focused on making their lives easier, not forgetting exactly, but overlooking the beauty once praised and cherished while losing themselves in the progress and development made every day. Slowly our brains got wired in such a way that we started concentrating more on our social and professional life rather than focusing on our mental peace, and we lived only to survive.

Most often, in the hustle and bustle of city life, we lose ourselves. When frustration, stress, overthinking, etc., take over our lives, all we need is to be alone with nature. But even though we are alone with hundreds of trees, can we really silence our inner voice of worries, never-ending thoughts? Do we really listen to nature’s music?

Next time, when you are taking a break from the chaotic city life and end up sitting under a tree in the countryside, or simply in your room—sit still and listen. Our world, besides the chaos, has so much to offer that has the power to take away your mental disturbances and bring peace. For your next me-time, here are some tips that you can stick to, in order to have a greater experience with nature:

Breathe, sit still and, close your eyes: In our busy and scheduled life we forget to breathe properly. So, to let yourself sink in the environment around you, first, relax yourself and breathe. While you breathe, focus on your breathing. What sound you make while you breathe, is it like the sound of air? Or is it a whistling sound? All in all, let your body relax and calm down. Clear your head.

Short walks: Aren’t we all tired at the end of the day to do anything at all? Walking might sound physically tiring, but it is really a healing pill for our minds. Go on shorts walks whenever you feel stressed. While walking, listen. Listen to your footsteps, listen to the wind, feel the warmth. You can also go for short walks in the morning, and if you do, again focus on the sounds around you, the birds singing/chirping, the leaves rustling as the wind blows. Don’t give ways to your worries. It is your time, enjoy, let go. Small walks improve our sleep and mood, as well as work as stress relievers, so why not?

Observe: Take your own time to observe things around you, listen to the sounds surrounding you. Ignore those that might bring a sense of discomfort, just focus on the sounds that relax your mind and body. Observe how the trees dance with the wind, how the birds score the clear sky. Observing is beneficial, as it increases your mind to be alert and focused, in a positive way, of your surroundings.

Be in the present: Remember, it is time to calm your mind. Don’t indulge in thoughts that might be stressful or might take you away from the present. Instead, let your heart, soul, and mind be with the nature. Just let go of all the worries and feel everything around you. Let it all in.

Lastly, listen: Now, your body has relaxed, your thoughts are not bothering you anymore, your breathing is proper. It is time to listen. In the above three tips, we do listen as well, but it is just as a part. Here we only listen. Listen to all the things that have grasped attention and keep focusing. It might take some time, but slowly you will get the hold of it, and slowly the sounds will become clear and melodious.

It is an amazing feeling when you are with yourself and with the beauty beyond comparison. When nothing can make you feel lost or stressed. Indeed, making progress, being successful in life is important, but so is being sane in the insane and being mentally at peace. Therefore, it is important that we cherish and be grateful for all that we are given and mostly to the prepossessing beauty of nature—the music it plays only for us, while all we need to do is listen.

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