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My introverted nature felt like a curse - Karishma

As a child, I’d always been quiet and shy. Crowded places have always been a source of social anxiety for me and I have always preferred reading and listening to talking and socialising. But, you see, being a listener often takes the spotlight off of you. My introverted nature felt like a curse in a society that seemed to applaud speakers. I was often criticised for being who I was. I was forced to socialize when I didn’t want to and berated for wanting spend time with myself. My parents and teachers would ask me 'why was I the way I am?' How could I possibly explain that to them? I couldn't, so, I grew up thinking something was terribly wrong with me. As an adult, though, I eventually realised why I couldn't change. The realisation that I could not fix something that was not broken helped me in my journey of self acceptance. In this noisy world, where people are too quick to pass judgement, being a good listener has helped me become a highly empathetic and compassionate person.

So, here's my message for all you people who lend a listening ear ㅡ Thanks for listening. You're doing great!

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