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Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes - Sahil Madan

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2011 at the age of 20, I knew it won't be easy to live a life I wanted to or planned to.

Indian society has a lot of stigma attached to chronic illness or disorders, we literally isolate and humiliate the person going through it. It's not what we have chosen, and it can happen to anyone.

Apart from all the medical constraints, there was a lot of mental pressure because managing type 1 diabetes is a 24*7 job. Not a day off for the rest of your life.

Thankfully I had people supporting me but I still faced the diabetes burnout because people won't be able to understand and support you all the time because they aren't going through it themselves, and that's completely fine.

The only reason I became vocal about my condition was to make it very normal to live with a chronic illness. I just started listening to people living with type 1 diabetes and gradually understood the problems they face in India related to mental health in managing the condition.

Surprisingly, 60-70% people shared that no one listens or tries to understand what they feel and go through every Second, not even friends and not even family sometimes.

Just imagine apart from your daily routine work and problems, you have to take almost 180 extra decisions every day to manage your illness, imagine the mental pressure.

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