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I ask, what good are the answers & the outcomes if we never begin to listen?- Shamrin Yaseer

My journey to create awareness started just a couple of months ago with the help of YouTube & other social media platforms. I stand for the right of the each individual specially youth to learn & lead without fear. I want to bring into notice that we do have a voice & that our voices should be heard too. This isn’t something that I've been dreaming or planning for. But moving back from Qatar to Sri Lanka has indeed changed my life completely and that is where destiny played its game. I have learnt a lot of lessons and met some amazing people through this challenging yet rewarding journey of doing my part to break the stigma around mental health. To step into the digital field is not as easy for people from our community as it is for others. When I decided to take this online, I knew I was ready to accept anything that comes my way. Just like every other individual who wants to grow, I did receive my fair share of both negativity and positivity. The biggest communication problem we have today is that we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply. There are some people who hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you. And there are others who will understand without you even speaking a word. I ask, what good are the answers & the outcomes if we never begin to listen? The world is giving you answers each day, learn to listen. Together, we can learn and lead without fear and work towards empowering each other specially the women and the youth!

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