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Depression is debilitating - Nikhil Vahatkar

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Some people understand it, some think it’s a call for attention. For me, depression is like that pile of laundry that you don’t want to show in your Instagram or maybe you do, because I somewhat did. Depression can be the face of someone who is smiling, telling jokes and happy, which I am quite often.

March 2017 hit me hard, the person I loved the most left abruptly. I had her physical presence at first but not emotional, which I needed the most. Being ignored and not treated well by the person I loved the most was the most devastating and disturbing moment I had ..or perhaps there was more to come..

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, of course they are. I tried diverting my attention through one such adorable chunk called 'michu'. She somewhat filled the void that I had, but…..

As someone has rightly said, life doesn’t flow as we planned it to be. I lost michu on the first day of my engineering semester exams and yes it led me to letting myself down all the more. According to me, the scariest thing about suffering is that it affects every aspect of your life, - voila ! - I decided to lose a year in my grad school not because I wasn't capable enough to get through it but because I had no room for myself after the love of my life left. The saddest part is, I discontinued my passion and career for music between all of this and began to ignore my music channel on youtube.

The only thing that helped me through all of this were my friends ! I was lucky enough that they 'listened' to me and motivated me to pursue my passion for music yet again, and trust me it worked!! I gave in all I had ! That year a lot of concerts came my way. It worked and gave me a new meaning- to find my happiness.. but still I do have that void deep down within myself.. but I choose to share because it helps...

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