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Many of us forget that we all possess one of the most effective tools to aid someone experiencing a mental health crisis. When it comes to mental health, listening is helping. Learning to really listen to what people say can help you identify signs on early onset of mental health concerns. It can also make a world of difference to how someone feels. So, if you need a compassionate listening ear, we are here to listen. 

In House- Listening Circles

Based on the sacred tradition of ‘sharing circles’, listening circles are meant to practice the art of listening with compassion. The circles are focussed on creating deeper connections among the members of the community. They give can opportunity to speak from  the heart and take off any  burden off your chest.  Listening circle is a safe place where each one is equal and each one belongs.  

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1 on 1 online session 

Listening sessions are one on one sessions wherein you talk and we listen, actively. Our aim to lend you a compassionate ear with a completely non judgmental and unbiased approach. You are free to share anything at all. In a world where  everyone is running around, this session gives you a chance to pause and reflect.  We promise to provide you an extraordinary and transformative experience.

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